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    Horners Syndrome

    Katy, I had Horners Syndrome that was related to cluster headaches. Just a thought. Claire
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    CALS Roll call

    Goose------I have an IPad with a cover and use a stylus that was always getting lost. I now have the stylus attached to the cover with a stretchy cord. Also use this for hubby's stylus for the bogie board that he uses to communicate. I think a piece of yarn would also work. Claire
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    Medical alert for Vets

    I ordered a medical alert for my hubby as he fell when I was out and could not get up. There was a $25. Monthly charge. When we were at the VA clinic I mentioned it to the PA and she said one was available through the VA and ordered it for us. It is called Freedom Alert. You can program it to...
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    Vita-mix ques

    I have a shorter container for my vitamix that fits under my cabiinets. The vitamix is good if you want to liquefy foods. I think it would liquefy a whole chicken! I have a Ninja that I use a lot to chop things up and it is also good for shakes. They are under $100.
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    My elderly uncle has been diagnosed with unusual form of ALS, we're puzzled

    My husband was diagnosed with bulbar onset ALS at the age of 85 at Johns Hopkins. The first neurosurgeon that we saw said he had a patient that was 90 yrs old with ALS. Sorry to see you here, but you will find much info and help here. Claire
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    relaxation??? hell no!!!

    Relaxation, what is that?????? CiCi
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    Um...'helpful' people

    She needs to read The ABC's of ALS. Claire
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    Project on ALS.. Looking for information.

    Dear class clown, My world view has gotten much smaller-----mostly because we are housebound and priorities have change dramatically. A picture perfect house and lawn are no longer important. The computer has become my contact with the outside world. We have a real problem with communication...
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    Kindle help

    Shiny, I will have to check out the Amazon Echo. Sounds amazing! Hubby's has problems with his hands so this might be a good solution. We are in our 80's so all these newfangled things are mind boggling. for us. Not easy
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    Kindle help

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I think that we might try the audio on the I pad. I have access to Overdrive on that and can get kindle books from the library. No Vincent, I checked and no night mode. Both of our kindles are quite old. He can't talk and I have Speak It on that but he...