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    Please, help me!

    Hi there, Really I need the help of people with bulbar onset. Please answer me! Sorry if I keep telling my “stories” that scare me, more and more, day by day. I have lot of fatigue, weakness in legs, arms and neck (although I can walk and do some easy jobs in my house).I can eat and drink...
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    Bulbar ALS?

    Hi, I’m back after my apps. with a few neurologists, last week of October. The results are: -First EMG came back clean but NCV for legs showed a week nerves activity and carpal tunnel for both wrists. -Second EMG (performed by a very god, respected doctor) report is: NCV good, right arm muscles...
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    Bulbar ALS? I need help

    Hi, Sorry if can’t keep myself away of this forum and spend your time, but I’m really scared. Is this a bulbar onset? Did someone have the same symptoms? -In July I had vertigo and the ENT doc gave motion sick pills and went away in a few days -I observed a short breath for 2 weeks but then I...
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    please, please i need help

    Greetings to all. Not a diagnosed but getting worse. I discuss with a neurologist and my brain MRI came back clear. The reflexes were good but…. I feel so bad. Each night is a nightmare for me. I have twitches all over my body pins and needles in my tongue and burnings that go till my stomach...
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    NEED AN OPINION/advice

    Hi, I am a white, European, 54 years old woman. I dare to take from your time only because I am extremely scared. Two months ago I traveled o lot by plain and car. During my trip I experience discontinuous numbness in my hands and legs but I thought all was because of seating for many hours in...