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  1. mbg1977

    H.P. Acthar

    anyone have experience with H.P. Acthar ? does it work in some way ?
  2. mbg1977

    masitinib & tirasemtiv

    there r no updates for masitinib or tirasemtiv. are the companies ab science and Cytokinetics waiting for mtb pharma fill up pockets with billions?
  3. mbg1977

    Xinglong Wang very promising paper

    does anyone has a connection w Xinglong Wang ?
  4. mbg1977

    Sativex Medical Marijuana

    has anyone tried Sativex?? Medical Marijuana | ALS Worldwide
  5. mbg1977


    HI, What is the cause of speech disorder cause in ALS? Hyperreflexia of mouth, tongue or other muscles? or tongue atrophy? or weakness at mouth, throat,tongue muscles ? thanx
  6. mbg1977

    antidepressant use

    does anyone use ssri or snri type antidepressant -prozac, lustral, cymbalta ...- i feel these drugs aggravates my symptomps like leg shake. did you experience smilar