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    A couple of questions about how to manage with PLS

    Forgive my ignorance, but I have no idea what a PWC is. I've Googled it but, no matter what other keywords I use, all I get is "personal water craft" or "Price Waterhouse Coopers". I'm really frustrated with my balance problems from PLS. I do daily balance exercises, like walking in a straight...
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    Has anyone had success reducing leg stiffness stemming from PLS by methods not involving drugs? Aerobic machines like Stairmaster? Acupuncture? Yoga? Tai chi? Homeopathic remedies? I'm no fan of drugs and would love to find alternatives.
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    After four years, my PLS (newly diagnosed six months ago) is producing leg stiffness that makes walking more difficult and running impossible. No spasticity, just stiffness. My doctor prescribed Baclofen, and I started by taking half a pill (5 mg) before I went to sleep and a quarter a pill (2.5...
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    First clinic-so many drugs prescribed!

    I had been waking up with muscle cramps--not the severe cramps I would occasionally get at night from running, but PLS-induced cramps that would propel me out of bed and then recede after some stretching. A CVS pharmacist recommended homeopathic pills called CVS Leg Cramps. She said they really...
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    Nuedexta and increased spasticity?

    I started taking Nuedexta six months ago. The effect was dramatic: my severe drooling disappeared in one day and my swallowing greatly improved over the six-month period. Superfluous crying, its intended use, also stopped. But over this period, I've experienced stiffness in my legs making it...