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    so worried about my friend

    When I wrote my very first post about my 55 yo friend’s AFO situation a few months ago, in addition to getting information, I received some very nice “gentle reminders” that basically said to butt out—I was reminded that how the situation was handled was up to my friend and her boyfriend. But I...
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    wheelchair on soft ground?

    Does anyone know of a heavy type of material that can be rolled out or spread on the ground to make it possible to push a wheelchair over somewhat “squishy” grass-covered ground? (Im pretty sure there are voles, the much smaller field mouse-sized cousins of moles, that tunnel that have made the...
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    foot brace questions

    I am a close longtime friend of a PALS who was diagnosed last year. I know she and her boyfriend do not want advice from well-meaning but clueless friends. I do understand and am trying not to say too much. I know she is seeing someone a few times a year who is supposedly a specialist at an ALS...