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    Good results with rolling table that fits electronic wheelchair

    My PALS uses this rolling table to eat snugged up to the dinner table, for dining and reading in the living room, and to put his computer keyboard on when he motors to our home office. It's wide enough to get his electric wheelchair under and easily height adjustable and has a curved interior...
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    Got all the way to the operating room and dr. wouldn't put in PEG -- advice?

    Just spent a horrible morning at our ALS Center hospital. Fred got all the way to the operating room and the radiologist wouldn't do the procedure because Fred couldn't lay flat and breathe. We told everyone we could think of in advance about Fred's respiratory status and that he needs to sit...
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    Update on RIG v PEG question

    After getting a big runaround for RIG at a more local hospital ("You have to have an abdominal CT scan to schedule an RIG procedure." "My husband can't breathe lying down for a CT scan for 30 minutes due to ALS. Can we meet with doc to discuss?" "You have to provide the CT results before you can...
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    Low FVC and pre-PEG scan?

    My spouse has decided to go for the feeding tube -- his FVC dropped from 87 to 45 between May and October and ALS clinic folks said to make a quick decision. Our social worker gave us the name of an interventional radiologist. The doc requires an abdominal CT prior to the procedure, and we have...
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    Mattress advice?

    Any recommendations for firm mattress that works with hospital bed? Hate to spend on ordering one without being able to test it. Has anyone purchased a retail adjustable bed (e.g. Sleep Number) instead of a hospital bed? Your experience? Recommendations? Just got my spouse's hospital bed...