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    WRIGHT? Active denervation = dirty emg is this a true statement

    Still trying to find an answer to my question...... EMG REVEALED EVIDENCE OF ACTIVE DENERVATION IN C7 & S1 INNERVATED MUSCLES BILATERALLY. I read on here that if the words "active" or "chronic" DENERATION appear on the report it is not good and considered "DIRTY". Is this true? The report...
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    Neuro said 99.9 % no ALS but EMG report indicated Active Deneration.

    First, thank you in advance for your support and replies in what has been a very stressful & concerning time for me. A brief background of my situation, I am a 40 y/o dad of 2 beautiful little girls. Started expiriencing the following about 2-3 months. Physical activities running, gym...