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    For everyone worried about twitching

    If the kind people on this board have told you that what you have doesn't sound like als. If your only REAL symptom is twitching. If you feel like you are weak, you are NOT weak from als. If you have a normal clinical you will either most likely have a clean emg, or not have an emg ordered...
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    Quick question

    I have had twitches for about three weeks now predominately in my right leg( a fee spread out other places) I also feel that my leg specifically the calf and hamstring are getting weaker and my calf is noticabley smaller than the other as well as softer when I flex it. I had a neurology...
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    Please help concerned I have als.

    I have been twitching a week and a half now it started in my right calf and continued there for a few days. It then went for a little while in my calf and foot. It has now stopped in my calf and is on my quad on my right side. It is a hard continuous twitch although is occasionally subsides for...