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    CK levels

    Have a look here : [URL=""][/U Udo
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    trying to keep the breathing muscles Here comes hopefully the link. Udo
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    trying to keep the breathing muscles

    There are a lot of articles about of breathing articles, but this one decribes the breathing exercices in detail. Udo
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    fysiotherapy YES it helps (in my case)

    Very interresting, can't you cpoy and paste the content to google translator ? If these pages are scanned, you might try to the rtf format, as the content is better to copy and paste it. Udo
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    Can having cough cause respiratory failure?

    I asume that these pO2 val ues have been measured during daytime , values during nightime below 90% should be worried.. When she did get the pCO2 measured from the arterical blood and what was the % ? Udo
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    RCH4 Drug stopped by Dr. Bedlack

    I must protest at some comments here. My decline was 1.3 ALSFR points per month over 2 years. Since starting this drug I am stable. My decline has completely stopped. Due to untrue SCAM headlines, my drug supply will end due to lack of funding. A moderator comment: this post belongs in Rants...
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    How Many are still taking Tudca?

    Hi Kim, I take 1 g per day for financial reasons. Futhermore I think Mike took Tudca before he passed away. Udo
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    Eye Gaze tech, who is using what?

    I use the Eye X from Tobii, and I am totally satisfied . Beside from the Hardware requirements ( USB 3, at least Intel I5 ) and using the freeware Optikey, a great program with endless adjustments in the mangement console, you can realize for less then 200 bucks. Udo
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    CBD, THC, etc Dosage

    Hi Greg beside the slow progression did you notice any other effect on spacisty or pain ? Udo
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    Creatine Kinase Total Serum Level

    By chance I found the following study: Creatine kinase enzyme level correlates positively with serum creatinine and lean body mass, and is a prognostic factor for survival in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - Rafiq - 2016 - European Journal of Neurology - Wiley Online Library According to this...