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    Back again - is this PMA or something else

    Hi all Didn't think I would be back on here but I just can't explain my progressive muscle atrophy on my hands. I read somewhere that first signs of PMA is the hand flattening and thinning out with loss of muscle fibres around fingers. My hands look totally different from a year ago when I...
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    What's happening?

    Hi everyone, Ok so I posted here after 3 months of the symptoms first occurring since then I have seen a Nuro and noted there was no abnormalities. Unfortunately another 3 months on, I have had worse symptoms. I have had to go private and pay for my Nuro which I see in two weeks as I can't...
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    Can't get it out of my head

    Hi all, first of all I can't believe I am on this but it seems it may help me either relax me, I am male 30 years old just turned. This is something I have thought about every single day when I first wake up to when I go to sleep. It's already had an impact on my life, I have lost my...