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    Final words of John Lewis Opinion piece written by John Lewis and published by the New York Times. (Not sure if the link will work-if not look it up. Well...
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    Baseball is Back!

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    Evening headaches

    Help needed to figure out these painful headaches that have been sucking the life out of me almost (but not every) evening for the past 6 months or more. I used to have severe shoulder, neck pain at the end of the work day when I still worked due to supporting my head and all the daily activity...
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    Can't get off the toilet independently-what now?

    I have had a raised toilet seat for about two years and have raised the legs along the way. In the last three weeks a sudden change has occurred. Now I need help getting off most of the time, being able to push myself up only once or twice a day. My husband works. With stay at home orders, my...
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    What does my cough indicate?

    In another recent thread, an observation was made that a cough could indicate aspiration. I cough, and have for some time, often. When exerting myself and taking a deep breath but also when eating. Breathing while eating is difficult and makes the process of eating exhausting. I don't choke...
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    Telemedicine Appointment today

    I was scheduled to have my quarterly Clinic appointment next week. But my doctor cancelled clinic for all of us for the next couple months. He called me using video conference app, Doxy. It worked great. He was able to see some basic, simple tasks and lots of discussion walking through the...
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    Reldesemtiv earns FDA Orphan what?
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    Ellen Degeneres Show and ALS guests

    I just watched Eric and Amanda Stevens on the Ellen Show sharing Eric's fight with ALS and the advocacy they are performing. Ellen donated a huge sum of money to the couple about 6 months ago, and today the Shutterfly company donated $100,000 to them for a house down-payment. So, no...
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    How can someone ever lie and say they have ALS?

    I belong to Facebook group where a member has been found to be claiming to have ALS when in fact the person does not! What could motivate them? Pity? Sympathy? Attention???? The person can have mine...I don't want it!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡
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    Accessing 403b funds without age penalty

    As a state teacher for 32 years, I paid into a 403b annuity retirement account. But now that I am not working anymore due to my diagnosis, I noticed I would pay a 10% penalty on withdrawals prior to being 59 1/2 years of age. At the age of 55, I need to use these funds for my care. Plus we...