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  1. danrising

    pain and burning skin in butt from sitting, lying in bed

    You have given us plenty to consider and look into. Thank you so much for your suggestions. We have a kinesiologist coming tomorrow from the VA. Hopefully, he will answer some of these questions. Will go ahead and look for those pillows for shoulders.
  2. danrising

    pain and burning skin in butt from sitting, lying in bed

    Supposed to be getting a Hill-Rom Progressa bed; but it has been months in getting approval through VA. I only hope it works. Trying to survive in the meantime.
  3. danrising

    pain and burning skin in butt from sitting, lying in bed

    Unable to turn in bed, constant pain, cannot get comfortable. Spend the day and night changing sleeping and sitting places in order to get comfortable. I have a Quantum 6 Edge power chair with ROHO cushion. I let air in and let air out. Feels like I'm sitting on golf balls. After lying in...
  4. danrising

    Ongoing Clinical Trial of MN-166 in ALS

    I started this trial in October. Dr Brooks in Charlotte NC
  5. danrising

    Anyone have puffy swollen red foot?

    Sock Aids | Stocking Aids | Device for Compression Socks Here is a site.
  6. danrising

    Anyone have puffy swollen red foot?

    I found this device for putting on compression socks at a medical supply store. It helps greatly in putting them on and off. It is a wire frame that you put the sock on then slide you foot through.
  7. danrising


    I have yawning as well. I yawn very hard with popping and cracking in my jaw. It feels like something is going to break. I also have cramping in the throat area. At times I can't speak for a few minutes after the cramping.
  8. danrising

    what do you think

    I have never seen a reason not to take it. Any chance of help is better than no chance of help.
  9. danrising

    Rate of decline?

    Hi Debbie, sounds like you are describing my progression as well. I sure pray that your progression slows. Every day I continue to fight for what I have left to share with my family while I can and always ask for another day to do better than the day before. Stay strong my friend.
  10. danrising

    important poll

    I'm a gamecock fan and our season has not been well this year. I'm like you Max, hope to make it to another year with better results. In Gamecock country any year with a win over Georgia and Clemson is a successfully year.