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    Third EMG abnormal

    MG is very hard to diagnose. I have a friend who has it. It's usually characterized by some breathing problems, but not always. It's possible this could be MG.
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    Need some advice

    I'm going with Lyme disease or Lupus on your case. Lyme isn't the easiest to diagnose. But, once they pin it down - you'll be feeling great with antibiotics. Lupus is very manageable. Wish you had gotten the EMG. I totally freak out if I don't know what something is.
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    Another question

    I got the 2nd emg. Tech said it was normal. I don't have the report in, yet. I am still having little fasics and vibrations here and there; sometimes my right hand feel weak. They tested the right arm with the needles, but not my left leg (which usually gives me troubles).
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    I hope this is the case. The Lyrica seemed to help. I don't know how long it takes for it to show results.
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    Had violent fasiculation in left calf

    Ooops......yes, see, I get "undulations" that are like waves in a bathtub on the inside of my left thigh, going up and down, stating at the knee. I can understand the need to stay away from big words, when medical terminology is cluttered with them. I just enjoy words - I was constantly picked...
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    Had violent fasiculation in left calf

    :( Sorry. I'm anxious, and I'm trying to learn more. I know anxiety does nothing (except keep me awake in the day, and awake at night, too). And, I like using big words such as "fasiculations" or "undulations." It's better than "The inside f my leg went up and down!"
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    Had violent fasiculation in left calf

    :sad: Sorry, I'm super-anxious. I know anxiety does nothing, but I'm trying to learn more. And I like using big words like "fasiculations," or "udnulations" vs - "the inside of my thigh went up and down!"
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    Well, I went to get checked out on Tuesday, and my legs were going into the hyper-reflex territory, accd. to the doctor. Also, my leg hamstrings don't seem to want to stretch anymore. In fact, my physiatrist said (before I went to neuros) that they're "super-tight." That's why they feel like...
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    Are you ok?

    Are you ok?
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    Had violent fasiculation in left calf

    This occurred while sitting. Could even see my pant leg moving. Now it feels less responsive and a bit more flabby when it weakened? Had fasiculations in right leg overnight while on Lyrica. My left leg is usually the problem child.