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    Diagnosed with bfs.

    After more than two and a half months of fear and anxiety, I finally got diganos and it's bfs. * I came in and he asked lots of questions about weakness, balance on my strength and I said my only problem is twitching. Neuro said then was your GP kind that gave you a referral if you only have...
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    Hi Just want to ask if numbness and tingling is early symptom of ALS or is that even à symptom? Thanks
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    Please somone help me!

    Hi everyone i'm new here. Before i start i just wanna say i'm from Turkey ( Istanbul ) my English and gramatic is not good at all but i will do my best. Everything starts 5 weeks ago, i had a twitch on my biceps. I get curious and start to google twitches and that was a big mistake. Many ALS...