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    positive sharp wave on emg

    I had an emg and I had some nerve issues on ncs and one 1+ positive sharp wave on needle part. What can cause these sharp waves?
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    twitching question

    Hi Just a question. With ALS is twitching localized to one area or is it widespread? I have full body twitching and having difficulty taking in deep breaths. I can't expand my abdomen. Feels paralyzed. Sound like ALS. Thank you Laura
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    emg results

    Got my EMG report back and wanted to ask if you had any idea what it means? Distal sensory studies to peroneal and sural nerves bilaterally showed a decreased amplitude of the left sensory peroneal nerved with preserved velocity. Distal motor conduction of the peroneal and tibial nerves...
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    Does this sound llike als?

    Hi, I just turned 38 in November and I have been fearing als for 2.5 years. My symptoms began 2 months after my fourth child was born. I was stricken with severe leg weakness, dizziness, muscle twitches everywhere and blurry vision. These symptoms went on for about 1.5 months. I had a brain mri...