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    Trouble with Tobii Dynavox

    My mother has ALS and is able to only move her eyes, with some minimal movement of her left hand. She has been using a Tobii Dynavox to communicate. It has never been easy for her, but she has made it work. In the last few days, she has had more and more difficulty typing letters, such that at...
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    Hospital Beds ICU type

    Looking at a hill-rom Sport2 p1900 hospital bed which goes to a minimum height of 27 inches with an air flotation mattress and will go to a chair sitting position. I i’m a little concerned about the bed height. I currently manually transfer my wife to a wheelchair and commode from an adjustable...
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    Sliding on Roho cushion

    My mother is using a roho cushion in her wheelchair because she has developed pain on her bottom with other cushions. Unfortunately, she slides a lot on the cushion and has to be frequently adjusted. I think it is partially because the roho cushion is more mobile by definition, but also because...
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    Mother/Son dance at wedding

    I will be getting married in a couple of months and am helping to plan aspects of the reception. My mother has ALS and is able to stand for brief periods of time, but for the most part is seated in a chair or her wheelchair. This obviously makes the traditional Mother-Son dance difficult. I...
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    Dress Shoes with an Ankle Brace

    My mother has ALS and usually needs to have a brace on her foot when standing/walking. Although the brace is not bulky, she still usually uses tennis shoes over the brace. We have a couple of formal events approaching and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on brands or types of more...
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    Question About Cruise Vacation

    My mother has ALS and is thinking about going on a cruise, however, she has never been on one. We have seen that a number of you have really enjoyed going on cruises and were hoping some of you could share a few of your thoughts about them and what you enjoyed so much. Some of her concerns...
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    Bidet for a bedside commode

    I am looking to get a bidet for my mother but am concerned that it will need to be one that can attach to her bedside commode that goes over the toilet (she has difficulty standing from the regular toilet seat). Has anyone found a nice bidet attachment for a commode?
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    Professional Caregiver

    My mother was recently diagnosed with ALS and, although she can get around short distances with a walker, she is having a much harder time standing on her own and maintaining any semblance of independence. My family and I have been helping her, but as she progresses, it's become more and more...