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    Had violent fasiculation in left calf

    This occurred while sitting. Could even see my pant leg moving. Now it feels less responsive and a bit more flabby when it weakened? Had fasiculations in right leg overnight while on Lyrica. My left leg is usually the problem child.
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    Has anyone used this? I am seeing another neuro for another opinion and emg next week. However, the previous neuro didn't think ALS and gave me lyrica for the pain I feel in my legs (sometimes arms). She said it helps to end fasiculations, too. I've taken it for two nights. So far, it can...
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    Another question

    Background: new and stressful job. I'm a 28 year-old male with no other health problems, but with a history of depression plus hyper-mobility in joints. I pray for you all now every day. 1st week of March, had a bad back spasm. Felt like a burning bulge. Went away but left my back feeling...