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  1. hopealive

    In Remembrance

    My sweet, kind, gorgeous and loving mother passed away one year ago February 28, 2009. I am in disbelief that it has already been one year. The year of firsts was difficult. I am so grateful and happy to say that I now imagine her healthy and well. People say this is what I would...
  2. hopealive

    Walk to Defeat ALS this Sunday!

    Hello All! Wish us luck this is our first year doing the walk without Mom. Our fundraising isn't as high now that she has passed. It is going to be a tough day for me. I could use all of the prayers that you all can muster. It does feel good to be out there "doing " something to support...
  3. hopealive


    Hello to my CAL friends. I am up late, was awoken again by a horrible nightmare. I wasn't sure if I should even share this but, was hoping that someone might have some words of encouragement that this too shall pass. My mother passed away February 28,2009 she has bulbar onset ALS for a little...
  4. hopealive

    Tribute to the PAL mom's that have passed

    I feel a very heavy heart today as it is the first mother's day without my dear mother, Jeannie. I felt compelled to write something, as I know some of us have recently lost mother's, or have newly had mother's diagnosed. I just have to reflect on our journey with ALS, and the things it did...
  5. hopealive

    I miss my mom terribly

    Hello All, I am not even sure why I am writing this, I just need to get it all out I think. When your mother is diagnosed with ALS, if you are like me, you greive, you grieve for days, months, years. You grieve every single loss. Loss of her speech, loss of her abililty to swallow, loss...
  6. hopealive

    Our beloved mom/nana has passed

    It is with a heavy heart I tell you my mother, Jeannie Jensen passed away Saturday morning at 10:58, while sleeping. Mom fought so hard, and remained sooo positive up to the end. She never once complained about her luck in getting this awful, awful disease. We remember our vibrant, beautiful...
  7. hopealive

    pooling saliva in back of throat.

    Hi All! My mother bulbar als diagnosed 06' and tube fed for 2 years now, is having a hell of a time today with saliva. We suction and it pools right up again, over and over. This degree of saliva has not happened before. Anyone have any ideas? We do all of the things to slow saliva...
  8. hopealive

    Burning up with no temp.

    Hey guys, I am counting on you to explain this one to me. Mom is absolutely always hot and sweaty. Temperature is fine. This has come on in the last couple of weeks. Any ideas? Is this just part of the progression. Thanks a million, Holly
  9. hopealive

    Tracheostomy without ventillation

    HI Gang, Would anyone be willing to weigh in on a tracheostomy solely for the purpose of being able to suction secretion and phlegm, this is a huge issue for my mom and makes life very difficult. Anyone out there done this procedure for this purpose? Blessings to you all. Love, Holly
  10. hopealive

    Traveling Nurse/Aid?

    OK All, I was hoping to get some advice here. Mom is really wanting to make some trips while she is still able, however, she needs help in restrooms, and is on a PEG tube, so my father feels travel is very stressful. I go when I can, but cannot always go with them. I would like to hire...