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  1. Bestfriends14

    A question for PALS

    Thanks again, Nikki. Newsome has locked Riverside County down again, so that makes me feel more at ease that he's watching the numbers so closely. The poor businesses, though. In terms of the pandemic, I hope things look better in 2021. Everyone is covid fatigued.
  2. Bestfriends14

    A question for PALS

    Thanks, Nikki. Yes, I'm really asking this. His drop in breathing came as a surprise so my emotions are on overdrive these days and I'm asking from a CALS point of view, and as a wife, and as a best friend, but trying also to ask from a rational standpoint. My raw emotions have me unable to...
  3. Bestfriends14

    A question for PALS

    I apologise for jumping on the PALS forum, but I wanted only PALS thoughts on my question. This is because only you know how you feel, and what it feels like when you have compromised breathing. My PALS and I live in Canada but also own a house in Palm Desert. My PALS has been quite adamant...
  4. Bestfriends14

    Caregiver for wife

    Hello, I'm sorry to welcome you to the forum. However, there are many knowledgeable folks here to answer questions you may have. Does your wife use a mobility aid? Falls can hasten progression, so it is best to keep her as safe as one can. Before our shower was finished, we would give my...
  5. Bestfriends14

    Dance, Darcey, Dance!

    Jim, Your words, and Darcey's words, are beautiful. I'm happy to hear she got to leave her tired body on her own terms and is now at peace. Joanna
  6. Bestfriends14

    Twitching in lower pelvis for 2 months. Should I be concerned?

    Yes, the fact that you are a man is implied at the beginning of your post. No, not ALS. Good luck to you.
  7. Bestfriends14

    Worry after worry- now respiratory onset

    Please don't take an EMG appointment from someone who needs it. Equating a cough to respiratory onset? Seriously? Can you talk without your face going red? Do others hear your breathlessness when you talk? Can you tie your shoes without losing your breath? Most likely you can, so respiratory...
  8. Bestfriends14

    I'm afraid als

    Lucy, you must get ahold of yourself. If you are unable to, please seek help from your doctor. You do not have ALS and coming back again and again asking terminally ill members about your non-ALS symptoms is incredibly unfair. They are going through this disease, or their loved ones are running...
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    Slurred speech is typically the first sign of bulbar; you cannot hear it but others can. Someone with bulbar sounds as if they have been drinking. If you do not have these symptoms, you are good to go. Take care
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    Please help it ALS

    Please, Louie, please seek someone to talk to you about your truly unfounded fears of having ALS. It's been a very long time that you've been focused on this disease, even though multiple clean EMGs and multiple clean clinical exams have said no ALS. You are letting your life fall apart for a...