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  1. Geo

    Reading about Viral Diseases

    OK Dear . If a person intends to do something they take the information ,elvaluate it, then act on it . I dont play Kiss up to some people here so im on the bottom of the food chain here . I would just like to say a few words to say i came to this group after leaving PLS Friends I didnt Kiss...
  2. Geo

    Reading about Viral Diseases

    OK then Joel tell me ,when i have difficulty getting a link in whom do i ask ?HMMMMMM ,hMMMM NO LINK THERE EITHER ,HMMMMM. so ok i just pm you then ?. You know it bust my Ba--s to think of how certain people get . very helpful member great member . i dont know how they get this, must be...
  3. Geo

    Reading about Viral Diseases

    NOPE go to Poliovirus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia then go to bottom of page, links ,it shows the viral diseases connnected to poliovius . Geo
  4. Geo

    Reading about Viral Diseases

    Go to www. Really Good reading about diseases caused by Viruses. Go to bottom of page see links. Geo (ps) I had to write this in because ALS Forums site wont let me give links. :mad:
  5. Geo

    Bulbar & inhaling too much air

    Well Judy i would say take real small amounts in when you swallow ,also being just a bit anxious doesnt help either . being you have swallowing issues anyway ,you might be apprehensive that you might choke . When i take my pills at night sometimes im apprehensive about choking and i have trouble...
  6. Geo

    sorry,been ill

    OOOOOK Glad you are back. Upper GI Virus . Alot like Intestinal Flu ? Need System Flush ? Where the Stomach empties into the intestines. Feel like you want to go but dont, then you feel like your ok ,then it comes back. Warm Teas, Soup, Rest . I like chicken noodle soup myself...
  7. Social Security

    Social Security

    Social Security Statement
  8. Geo

    Anyone in US receiving SSDI ?

    I dont know where you got your info on SS because its entirely wrong, i have a pension and my wife still works and i had no problem at all . I worked 40yrs in Plumbing and before that i worked in different jobs in high school etc. SS sends you a letter every year ,in it is your Quarters and paid...
  9. Geo

    Anyone in US receiving SSDI ?

    You have to wait 24 months then you get Medicare. They go only by what your doctor recommends. Its all in his or her hands. I was told that i would be dead in 2 years thats what he told them . They immediately put the paper work through and i received my first check in 2 -3 weeks. if you did...
  10. Geo

    Are You A Zoner. LOL

    How Many folks are Zoners ? A Zoner is someone who wakes in the morning ,sits on the side of the bed a goes into a Zone where no one can reach them LOL.? My wife is a daytime Zoner , I ask a Question and No one is home to answer . I get Well i was thinking about something . HMMMMMMM Wander What...