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  1. Bestfriends14

    A question for PALS

    I apologise for jumping on the PALS forum, but I wanted only PALS thoughts on my question. This is because only you know how you feel, and what it feels like when you have compromised breathing. My PALS and I live in Canada but also own a house in Palm Desert. My PALS has been quite adamant...
  2. Bestfriends14

    Another FVC question

    Hi all, This is similar to Samkl's question, but I did not want to hijack the thread. Anyway, today has been a fairly horrible day at the clinic. We were not expecting the news we got, so I'll try to keep my question succinct and not ramble from nerves. Wayne's FVC registered at 34 today and...
  3. Bestfriends14

    Can't get rid of phlegm

    Hi all, We are in the U.S. currently, so going into a walk in clinic us not an option. Wayne has a ton of phlegm that is not clearing. He coughs and coughs, but it's been about 3 weeks now. I've given him mucinex and pineapple juice to no avail. His respirologist back home was forward...
  4. Bestfriends14

    Wheelchair won't go in van

    Good morning, I cannot seem to find an answer to this query and so I turn to you more knowledgeable folks. My husband's Quantum Edge 6 will not go up the ramp into the van. I have parked on a flat surface to no avail. However, it will go back up our drive way, which is quite steep. I have...
  5. Bestfriends14

    Breathing issues

    Hi all, Wayne's breathing went down significantly from our appointment 3 months ago. His FVC went from 87 down to 82, and his Sniff (sp?) Went from 84 down to 62. We asked what this meant and, from how I perceived it, everyone skirted the issues and we got no straight answers. Can anyone tell...
  6. Bestfriends14

    Constant hiccups?

    Hello, My PALS has started to hiccup constantly. It's been going on for about a month and is loud and occurs 20-30 times a day, from the minute he wakes up until bed. Anyone know what this could mean? I have read that it could be UMN related but not sure if that's true. Thanks
  7. Bestfriends14


    Ugh, back in the ER for another pulmonary embolism. Coincidentally, earlier today I was looking at beds that can raise the feet or the head portion of the body. I settled on an oscillating, pressure points, head and foot raising temper pedic. I'm hoping this will keep the embolisms at bay for...
  8. Bestfriends14

    Submassive saddle pulmonary embolism

    A sort of PSA for everyone. Pulmonary embolisms are not unheard of for those who have ALS, either leg onset or those who are immobile. There are usually signs several days before hand or at least before it gets too serious. Wayne, however, had no signs. He went to the bathroom Monday night...
  9. Bestfriends14

    Driving with double drop foot?

    Hello, I would like my husband to have his independence for as long as he can, however, he has double drop foot but wants to still drive. His right foot (gas and brakefoot) cannot go back on its heel and cannot go on its toes. He can still push with his right foot, but not as strong as before...
  10. Bestfriends14

    Dodge Caravan SE 2014 Minivan conversion

    Hello, I know this type of question was somewhat covered in another thread, but we have an opportunity to buy a really decent wheelchair van at a good price. It has low mileage and is only 30k CDN. Does anyone know much about the above van? We'll be using it to drive from Calgary to Palm...