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    Muscle Biopsy and EMG

    Hello again all and thank you for taking time out to read this. I have been on this journey now for quite sometime and every now and then I get pulled back into fearing what really is going on with me is ALS. I recently saw the Neurology department at the University of Mich trying to get an...
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    Muscle fatigue that keeps getting worse

    Hi.. This is not my first time here but I had hoped I wouldn’t be back but I am so I will post what is happening now. So in 2017 because of some leg twitching I went to neuro and had clinical exam and 2 different emgs that all came back fine/normal. I should also state that I do have health...
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    ALS/EMG Follow up

    Hello Again.. So I had additional follow up in April 2017 with neuromuscular specialist who performed another full work up including EMG and NCV. Was given confirm at that time that what ever is causing my symptoms, fasics in legs and arms and feet, pain in hips and arches, extreme stiffness...
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    Admitted Health Anxiety Sufferer w Questions

    Hello, About a month ago I posted something here asking some questions about an EMG I had done to address some twitching in my calf muscles for the last 10 months or so. At that time a few thoughtful and well worded replies helped to put my mind at ease for the time regarding the EMG...
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    Scared about EMG and ALS

    Hello.. I have been very hesitant in posting something here. I do not want to waste anyone's time but my fear has bubbled over some. So I am 44 m and 'on paper' I always check out healthy at my physicals. I am fairly active with exercise however over the course of the past few years I have...