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  1. Doglady

    Shortness of breath and oxygen saturation

    Should there be a correlation between oxygen saturation and shortness of breath? I’ve got good oxygen saturation but am always short of breath. The oxygen saturation level measures 96 in the morning after a night using bipap and 93-96 during the day rolling around in my PWC and not doing very...
  2. Doglady

    ALS podcast

    There is a relatively new podcast devoted to sharing news and information about ALS called. Connecting ALS. You can download it from the normal places but here is the webpage for the most recent episode. I’d love to hear what others think about the...
  3. Doglady

    Hand washing and coronavirus

    What are others doing? I can’t get myself to a sink anymore and don’t have someone sitting around waiting to help me get there either. My solution has been using hand sanitizer regularly which I keep nearby at all times. Also, for “real” hand washing I use flushable wipes. and other ideas out...
  4. Doglady

    Ventilator/ Bipap

    Does anyone know what the difference is between the ventilators needed for covid-19 and the bipap machines used for PALS? Just curious.
  5. Doglady

    FTD concerns

    Well, I’ve read a lot on this topic here today and done a search to see if my questions have already been answered. Also went to some of the links and searched a bit - no luck. So, I’ve been diagnosed with ALS for 1 1/2 years and don’t feel (or hear from others) that I have FTD. Can I stop...
  6. Doglady

    For the females- suprapubic catheter

    Just reporting as requested in another thread on my experience in case anyone else is considering this. I’ve had my suprapubic cath for three weeks now. Since one week ago I can’t do a standing transfer (without falling) so I’m quite happy to not need to visit the restroom so often. And happy...
  7. Doglady

    Home Health Care Agency

    I was shocked this week to hear from my home health care agency that they no longer will provide care for private pay clients and I need to find another provider. Fairview is a big agency here with a great reputation and connected to a university, a system of hospitals and numerous doctors'...
  8. Doglady

    Back up camera (mirror)?

    Is it possible to add a back up camera or mirror to a PWC to see if a dog or cat has decided to be right behind your chair while you were going forward or stopped somewhere? I’ve got some little dogs that like to follow me around right behind my chair. Scary!!!
  9. Doglady

    New Bathroom pictures

    I’m so excited to finally. be able to take a relaxing shower again. Imagine this with the Amazon Dot (Thank you ALS Assn) playing Van Morrison tunes.
  10. Doglady

    Bacteria and Fungi Link to ALS Patients My daughter just forwarded this to me. Of course she would like to think this is hopeful. So, I am wondering what others may think about...