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  1. MarieLaure

    Peculiar D day

    A special thought for all who fought and still fight for freedom. All around the world. the D day commemorations are special this year but the spirit is still here.
  2. MarieLaure

    Tough bitter sweet day

    Hi all Today my dad and I saw a documentary in which he took part. The theme was elderly people. He saw himself almost motionless speaking on the screen. It made him sad. It made me sad. He hadn’t realized his physical aspect. I hadn’t realize either I suppose I got used to the changes as they...
  3. MarieLaure

    Phonation valve

    Hi everyone Has anybody heard of a device called phonation valve ( approximate translation) that is meant to enable people with a trach to speak ? If so, has anyone tried it ? My dad is in the midst of deciding for the trach or not and communication is a major factor. He doesn’t want to use eye...
  4. MarieLaure

    Soon after diagnosis

    On his first clinic day after diagnosis my dad saw a psychologist who asked him to model how he saw himself in a sort of clay or children doth sort of thing. At the time he could still move his hands a bit but not all of his fingers. He was surprised to see that his work made him think of...
  5. MarieLaure

    Practical physics 101

    We all know that when a buttered piece of bread falls, it always lands on the buttery side. We also know that when a cat falls , it always lands on its paws. So here is how to generate eternal movement: Tie a buttered piece of bread on a cat’s back. Not too tight because you don’t want to hurt...
  6. MarieLaure

    No we are not turning crazy

    I met a man who was talking to his dog. He seemed to really believe the dog understood him I went home and told my cat about it We had Such a great laugh!
  7. MarieLaure

    Useful reads

    hi all I just found out that reading the closed thread “ I know it’s silly but “ helps us understand how pals may feel and get to know the path of people on the forum. It is both sad and soothing. Sad you guess why. Soothing because what we guessed is expressed clearly with love Really...
  8. MarieLaure

    the Burger Quizz

    hello there ! (long read) Here we have a silly nonsense game on tv. It goes like this : there are two teams made of two famous persons and a candidate. They must score points by answering questions that sometimes don't make any sense and are sometimes serious. It is more a pun and bad faith...
  9. MarieLaure

    The bar tender downstairs

    Going through hard period with my father’s progression speeding up. I arrive at his place late at night loaded with bags for a stay with him. Jeff, the bar tender stops me and says “ I don’t know you but I see you. How are you ?*» I say he is so so. He insists «* how are YOU*» Then he says if...
  10. MarieLaure

    clothes and autonomy

    hello everyone, as a new member I thought I might contribute by sharing a fashion tip that can help men who can walk but can't use their hands or arms : my father has been wearing a kilt for a few months and that enables him to go to the loo without having to ask for help and to be elegant in...