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  1. MarieLaure

    Make a sentence game

    Koala : Karen only acts as lovely angel
  2. MarieLaure

    Raising the white flag

    Karen We wish you a peaceful transition. Thank you so much for all you gave us all.
  3. MarieLaure

    Tillie's Trees

    So glad ! He asked about the koalas yesterday ! Thank you
  4. MarieLaure

    Moving forward

    What a beautiful relaxed smile ! She already knows she is loved !
  5. MarieLaure

    Peculiar D day

    A special thought for all who fought and still fight for freedom. All around the world. the D day commemorations are special this year but the spirit is still here.
  6. MarieLaure

    Tillie's Trees

    Hugo is the coolest !
  7. MarieLaure

    How do you all feel ?

    The answer to the title of your thread is : lost
  8. MarieLaure

    Tillie's Trees

    Thanks Tillie Going through rough waters Hugo helps a lot