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    My father

    My father passed away last Wednesday surrounded by his family. Despite all the misery that ALS inflicted on his body, his last few days were very peaceful. His condition took a drastic downturn in November, after a couple of cycles on Edaravone. We will never know if this was a cause of his...
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    End stages

    It's hard to believe that a month ago my dad was still walking, eating and speaking normally, using his left hand/arm. His progression since then has been astounding. He now has a wheelchair, hospital bed, lift, bi-pap, oxygen to help asthma, cough assist, suction, morphine...the list goes on...
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    Getting out of bed

    My father's arms have failed him before his legs. Up until now he has been kind of "rolling" out of bed onto his knees and using his stronger left arm to hold on to the mattress and stand. They recently lowered the mattress because it was too high for him to get into. This now has made it...
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    Canadian patients getting Edaravone in Japan

    We are strongly considering flying to Tokyo to purchase Edaravone for my father. I contacted his ALS clinic at Sunnybrook. They are telling me that I have to use a certain infusion clinic at $225 per infusion. This will end up costing much more than the drug itself! Does anyone in Canada...
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    New bed

    My parents need a new bed to keep my dad safe. He can still walk with a walker, but his getting out of bed is extremely unsafe. The ALS Society suggested a hospital bed. My father doesn't want to separate from my mom. Does anyone know what options they have for an adjustable bed that can...