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    New Research pertaining to ALS and similar Diseases

    I found this article utterly fascinating, and I wanted to share it here. I hope if you agree with me, that you will print it, or PDF it and share it with smart people, doctors you may have, or those in research. I truly believe that the more "big brains" get involved, the more progress will be...
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    Type of Twitching

    I was told by a BFSer that ALS absolutely does not, can not, and will not manifest as this type of twitching: (thumb / forefinger pulling, holding, releasing) True or False?
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    The Weakness Issue - Final Verdict?

    I have been having a lot of difficulty nailing down the answer to this one question. "Does ALS ever start with twitching in the absence of clinical weakness?" You may feel this is a closed topic, but from what I've seen, its not. I have read more than two individuals on here who plainly...
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    BFS Community view of ALS twitching

    It's been bothering me because the main BFS site plainly states that if you have muscle twitching with no weakness or generalized fatigue, then you do not have ALS. And that ALS does not begin with muscle twitching by itself, but in fact the twitching comes after atrophy and weakness has...
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    My Situation

    Phew - where to begin? I am 38 years old. Never really sowed my wild oats. Moved to an extremely social city, and had some fun for awhile. Just one or two nights a week on weekends. Got involved in Adderall (only 5mg extended release) with heavy drinking one night a week. For about 24...