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    Medical alert for Vets

    I ordered a medical alert for my hubby as he fell when I was out and could not get up. There was a $25. Monthly charge. When we were at the VA clinic I mentioned it to the PA and she said one was available through the VA and ordered it for us. It is called Freedom Alert. You can program it to...
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    Organizing Pills

    Don't know if this will help anyone, but I found this to be a big help for me with hubby's pills. I found this more convenient than using the pill boxes and filling them up. He gets his meds from the VA and has to take many in the morning and a few at night. I bought a small plastic basket...
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    Kindle help

    My CALS uses an old Kindle that has a switch on the side that you press to turn the page. It does not have a backlight which makes it hard to read at night. He has problems using the one with a touch screen and did not like the light you can attach to the kindle. Any suggestions? cici
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    Old CALS-new to forum

    My name is Claire and I am the 0ld (82) caregiver for my husband. He is 87 years old and was diagnosed at Johns Hopkins in 2012 of bulbar ALS. He is a veteran of WW11 so we have help with medications, etc. His symptoms started when he was 80 and has been a slow progression. In November of 2014...