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    My PALS is now in heaven

    My love is gone. I feel numb and lost even though I thought I was prepared for this. He hung on so so long, I don’t know how, but he did. This journey has forever changed me and my family. The little ones seem to be coping okay so far (way more clingy though), and I am trying to find a new...
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    quitting Nuedexta?

    Any opinions on if my PALS should quit the Nuedexta in order to improve his current pneumonia? Wouldn't it help if his cough wasn't reduced? thank you in advance for your thoughts on this.
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    02 or no 02?!

    my PALS this morning is struggling to breathe, 02 sats are bouncing around 81-88 all morning and he looks uncomfortable. Gave him an Ativan and morphine but doesn't seem to be making him comfortable. I wouldn't say agitated, just uncomfortable. The RT is suggesting some 02 for comfort and I'm...
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    what to do when...

    My PALS can't sip liquids or eat applesauce to get his pills down? I see him struggle now to suck the fluid through the straw and have asked the palliative nurse how he can take his meds if he can't swallow them this way and she said we just don't give them to him if they don't come in a...
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    Bit of a meltdown....kind of embarrassed

    I went to my first ALS Assoc CALS meeting and everyone went around the room describing their PALS current situation and when it started, how it started, details, etc., in quite length....and I was unfortunately last on this circle of sharing (first time, hate sharing anything usually in public...
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    Hello and thank you

    I am grateful for this forum and appreciate all the helpful info and camaraderie....hello and thank you!