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  1. Fusia

    Magnetic charging/data transfer cables

    It's now almost impossible for me to insert a charging cord into the charging port of my iPad. I recently found these magnetic cables on Amazon, where you put a little charging tip into the charging port, which you just leave in the device. Then, you use the magnetic charging cord to connect to...
  2. Fusia

    Advice on caregivers schedule for PALS living alone

    I am a widowed PALS living alone. I was diagnosed in August 2019, currently both hands are not very functional, both arms are very weak, and back is very weak. It is getting more difficult to handle a lot of personal care on my own, including showering, getting dressed, and eating. I think I've...
  3. Fusia

    PWC versus lift chair

    I just acquired an Ultra Comfort lift chair. I'm really struggling with it in 2 ways: First, it's just dang ugly, and does not fit in with the look of my home - silly, I know, but my home makes me happy. Being in my living area with friends or just by myself reading or watching TV is one of...
  4. Fusia

    Power wheelchair insurance?

    In early July, I received my power wheelchair - Permobil F3. I'm not using it a lot just yet, but have taken it out on longer "walks". I recently found a good used wheelchair accessible minivan, and should have that in my possession in about a week. When I called my insurance agent about...
  5. Fusia

    Apple's Voice Control accessibility feature

    After reading Jim's recent post with detailed information on his PAL's new Eyegaze system, I thought I would post a bit on Apple's Voice Control feature. This can be useful if you use an iPhone, iPad, or a Mac computer – IF you still have the use of your voice. It allows you to navigate screens...
  6. Fusia

    I'm a new member of this unfortunate, exclusive club

    I was diagnosed as probable ALS by Dr. Martinez-Thompson at Mayo about two months ago -- I had first symptom about 14 month ago. I had suspected this DX for a while, so while it wasn't a shock, it's still devastating. Initial symptoms were in my left hand and arm (grip, weakness, muscle...