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  1. Firefighter58

    I finally said 'no'

    In Canada we don't get asked that, because it is none of thier business please and thank you. Not meaning any reflection on our neighbors to the south, but we are too shy to pry.
  2. Firefighter58

    Input Request: I've lost so much, please don't take my beer!

    My friend you have ALS, you do exactly as you want. Al
  3. Firefighter58

    Spasticity in leg

    Yes definitely, that is how I take it, along with my other meds. Through my feeding tube.No problem at all. It will help with constipation too. Al
  4. Firefighter58

    Spasticity in leg

    I have had very disturbing restless leg syndrome for years like yourself and I have found relief from a product called CALM can be bought in the drugstore or a health food store, and it works within hours of taking it. I take one level tea spoon before bed and that works well. Al
  5. Firefighter58

    CBD resin and niacin copper

    Ok Jethro, I asked my wife and it is 0.4ml. 2xper day.. sorry for the confusion.
  6. Firefighter58

    CBD resin and niacin copper

    Possibly wrong I will check tomorrow
  7. Firefighter58

    CBD resin and niacin copper

    Sorry Jethro. 1 gram of cdb.
  8. Firefighter58

    Large amount of saliva

    Has anyone found anything that works for a large amount of sylivl, especially when eating. Al.
  9. Firefighter58

    CBD resin and niacin copper

    Right know I am use one gram daily. Al
  10. Firefighter58

    PALS chat thread ( PALS only please)

    Vincent, you're so right. Al