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  1. Firefighter58

    Large amount of saliva

    Has anyone found anything that works for a large amount of sylivl, especially when eating. Al.
  2. Firefighter58


    My grandfather was having a problem with hemorrhoids so my grandmother went to the store and bought him some suppositories, a few days later she asked how he was doing, he then replied, nothing, for all the good they did I might as well shoved them up my ass. Al
  3. Firefighter58

    Food processor

    Hi folks, can you guys advise me on a good food processor to make up feed tube mixtures. Don’t need it yet but getting close to Christmas and you never know what Santa my bring. Thanks Al.
  4. Firefighter58

    A new scooter

    Just got a new scooter, it's called the Golden Buzz Around. Great scooter, will go approximately 10 miles on a charge at 5mph ( full speed) The big advantage of this scooter is that my wife can take it apart in 2 minuets and put it in the trunk of the car, no tools required. Reassembly is just...
  5. Firefighter58

    Old fellas in the park

    Two old fellas were sitting in the park and one says I must be getting old I feel sore and achy all over. The other says I feel like a new born, I have no teeth, I have no hair and I just peed my pants. Al
  6. Firefighter58

    No progression

    Just in to ALS neurologist for my checkup, slight progression in the smaller muscles in my fingers, that's it for two years now. Al
  7. Firefighter58

    Neurologist check up

    Hello folks, on Friday had my 6 month checkup with my neurologist, no progression that is two checkup in a row now, a year now with no progression. Made me and the neurologist happy. Discussed removing the Peg but because I take my terrible tasting meds and vitamins with it I decided to keep...
  8. Firefighter58

    Pill crusher or Pill grinder.

    A few months ago we discussed pill crushers for those of us who are using a feed tube, I was using a certain brand but then Patrick123 said he was using a small Epica coffee bean grinder that worked well for him. As my pill crusher was not doing the job any more I decided to take Patrick's...
  9. Firefighter58

    6 month check up

    Hello folks, yesterday had my six month check up and was told nothing had changed. My strength was the same, (very good) My breathing was the same ( very good) the strength test was done on all fingers, both hands and arms, both feet and both legs. The head of the clinic ( my nerol ) was happy...
  10. Firefighter58

    Life is good

    Hi folks, good news today. Tonight my son and his family are coming for dinner, That includes my two grand kids that I have not seen for months. My seventeen year old grandson who is trying to figure out if the world is truly round and my sixteen year old granddaughter who looks like a model...