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    Panic attacks

    Hi Everyone, Been a while since my last question. Hoping someone can help us out or guide us. My dad is in the late stages of ALS and is now living in a residence and having multiple panic attacks per day. This has been going on for the last 2 weeks and he is being brought back and forth from...
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    Constant use of Bipap machine

    Hi Everyone, Haven’t posted in about a year. My father was diagnosed approx 18 months ago with ALS and he is in the final stages. He has trouble holding up his head, can barely walk on his own, not eating anymore on his own and getting all his nutrients from a feeding tube. Just this week his...
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    Please help does my father have ALS

    I was wondering if someone knowledgeable would be able to help me with some concerns regarding my fathers condition. He has been tested for over a year now and we still don’t have a final diagnosis but doctor seems to be leaning towards ALS. My father was diagnosed with Ocular melanoma 13 years...