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    Medic Alert Bracelet?

    That is a great idea! Would it be a good idea to get a "dog tag" made with all the info on it even if my dad is in the slow progression and is just now loosing his left arm to go along with his right? Just a thought.
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    Pain and reality setting in all over again...

    Hey guys! Its Heather again! Sorry its been another long time before writing and updating you guys. Where to start? My parents are on cross country trip! They have been gone for 2 weeks now and wont return to the east coast untill after September 18th! They are having a blast and seeing soo...
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    Hello everyone! Sorry its been awhile since either myself or my mom(pmbenb83) has been on. Lets see what has been going on.. Well my dad offically retired on June 19,2008. It was a sad and sureal event. A couple of days after the retirement I felt as if I was in a dream. It feels wierd to say...
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    is it possible...?

    Thanks Irma, that really means a ton to me! And thanks to everyone else too, it all means a ton a ton to me to know that you are all out there supporting everyone going through this nasty disease!
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    is it possible...?

    thank you all for answering my question on the Rilutek. It means a lot that you all are very helpful with advice on the information! Thanks again and I cant promise I wont ask any more questions!
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    is it possible...?

    Hey guys I have a question on my mind that we are having a hard time with. As you know my dad was diagnosed March 7, 2008 with the Slow Progression ALS.... His sympotoms arent showing signs of SLOW it possible that he was mis-diagnosed and he has some type of the fast...
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    How to cope?

    Jessica, My dad too was diagnosed this year but in March. I understand what your going through except my dad has the slow progression. You and I are kinda in the same boat! Everyone is telling me that I have to face the fact that my dad has this nasty disease, but I honestly dont want to...
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    How to face it?

    Hey guys thank you all so much for your kind encouragement. I have been showing my parents support and not showing how its been affecting me. I talked to my mom tonight about my dads next apointment. I asked her if there were any talk therapy places that deal with ALS and she said she'd...
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    How to face it?

    Hey everyone! Last time I posted a thread, I gave you all an update on my dad. He was offically diagnosed with the Slow Progression ALS. Which blows big time. I have come to terms that he has this disease but Im having a very hard time accepting it. Im having a hard time dealing with it. My...
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    Update update on my hero!

    Thank you all for listening to me vent! Also thanks sooooo much for the encouraging words! Its soo hard to sit here and watch my dad go through this depresson at the moment. I havent seen him this way since his mom and sister died( feb and dec last year). It hurts! Im thankful for you guys here...