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    "Important information" template?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has a document/binder to share where all the important information one should know about one's pALS is in one place (contact info for doctors, nurses, etc.; medication list; etc.) I know we should probably have compiled such a thing already given that my...
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    Radiation therapy for secretion management

    Was hoping for feedback from this useful group on their experience with radiation therapy for secretion management. To date, we have been managing my PALS secretions with a combination of scopolamine patches, glyco subQ injections (pills were not effective and he now takes injections every 4...
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    Resources for teens with a parent with ALS?

    Being a teenager these days under normal circumstance is hard enough (for example, I have a senior and we are in the throes of college acceptances/rejections/etc.), but add having a parent with ALS to it.... Aside from therapy, what has worked for your kids? Does a forum like this exist for...