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    Melatonin as a sleep aid

    Has anyone had experience using the health food medication Melatonin to help with sleeplessness? Drs seem somewhat reluctant to prescribe sleeping pills for ALS patients due to the negative effect on the respiratory system. My husband,Vic has very poor nights, waking at least every hour with...
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    Hand Swelling

    Good Morning, Is swelling of the hands a common result of ALS? My husband, Vic is now troubled with his right hand swelling mostly at night. Our local ALS Society has just provided him with a Track Ball system and that has made his use of the computer somewhat easier. He is soldiering on trying...
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    Track ball or other remedies for computer problems

    Good morning all, My husband, Vic is starting to have trouble using the mouse on the computer. Since this is one of the few activities that he can still enjoy, I'm trying to find out about any adaptations we could make to our computer. His problem at this point is that as he moves the mouse and...
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    How much discomfort?

    Hello, My husband,Vic was diagnosed wIth ALS last April having had symptoms since the summer of 2003. It started in his right leg and has progressed to the point where he is in a wheelchair and is losing the use of his arms and hands. He is on many medications, some to help with the spasms...
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    New introduction

    Hi i joined tHis site in nov 04 but Haven't posted mucH at all. i tHink it is time to introduce us. my Husband vic was diagnosed last year witH als after developing symptoms in tHe summer of 2003. He was a long distance runner and as of dec 2003 is in a wHeelcHair. it Has been a year of so...
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    I'm new to the ALS forums (and deficient in computer lingo). What does 'Add a Poll' etc mean. How do I respond on the forum to a post? Is it 'New Topic'? I have found the forums very helpful in the short time I've been a member. Jessie
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    New to forum

    Hi Am new to this site and just registered this AM. My husband was diagnosed with ALS in late Aug. He was a long distance runner and nature enthusiast. We are slowly adjusting to the ravages of this awful disease. Two things I have learned so far: try to take it a day at a time and accept...