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    In loving memory of Burt

    My dear husband, Burt, died exactly 2 weeks ago from the ravages of bulbar ALS. He got aspiration pneumonia, and nothing could help him, with his increasing weakness from progressive ALS. He was so brave, and he never complained. We did get to honor his wish to die at home. I miss him terribly...
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    How does one keep his/her spirits up?

    Hi All, My husband was DXed with bulbar onset 2/08. I am on a combo of antidepressants to be able to supervise his medical care, foods, medications, etc.. I do manage to get out sometimes, but how do caretakers manage to deal with the grief and sadness themselves. Thank sso much. Letty
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    alternative dental treatment

    Hi Friends, While on vacation in Ca., my sister-in-law, who has always had TMJ problems, made an appt. with her TMJ dentist to see my husband who has PBP. He told him that he is treating another man with serious Parkinson's symptoms and has helped him by evening out his bite so that cranial...
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    Hi, I'm new...

    And I'm so grateful to have found this site! My husband has been diagnosed with the bulbar form after having progressive symptoms for 9 months. I must say I'm in total grief and sadness about this but am trying to remain strong. We have 3 kids in their mid-late 20's, one is married and lives...