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    Nursing home coverage

    What will Medicare do for nursing home?
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    ER for bowel movement?

    I can no longer stand and got a hospital bed a week ago. Don’t have the hoyer lift yet. It has been several days since I have had a bowel movement. Have asked for palliative care and should be approved. In power wheelchair 24/7. Suggestions please.
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    Palliative Care

    Does pallative Care, like hospice, disqualify one from Medicare paying for certain items like a power wheelchair?
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    Loose Stool MiraLAX overreaction?

    Have been taking MiraLAX but stool is now too loose and troublesome. Would there be an issue taking 1/2 dose of an anti diarrhea pill?
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    Peoria Illinois Clinic

    Has anyone gone to the ALS Clinic in Peoria?
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    Navigating in a Power Wheelchair

    Have had the chair 3 or 4 weeks. Have ramp now. How do I position the chair to go up and down ramps and curbs?
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    Cold Hands

    My hands are very cold today and purplish here and there. Also getting cold at night even with 2 or 3 blankets on.
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    Find Threads

    How can I find threads I started?
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    Trilogy in Hospice??

    I recall seeing a couple of posts saying hospice is not a possibility if one is on a BiPAP or CPAP. Is that correct.
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    Exercise Program Suggestions

    I had a few stretching exercises I was doing and can no longer do since I cannot sit in a chair any longer, or do the standing exercises for fear of falling. What do I now? Would a therapist help? ROM exercises?