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    About swallowing issues in bulbar onset ALS

    I wrote here about 9-10 months ago and once again i am so sorry for all who has to deal with this horrible disease. I have some specific questions about swallowing, after that i wont take your time. First off all, i know that most of the time the first symptom of bulbar onset ALS is slurred...
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    Just a short question about mri

    Previous thread Sorry to disturb again. I have hypothyrodism, vitamin d and b12 deficiencies. Its been over a month since i started the treatments but i dont feel much different. Maybe more time is required or im not patient, i honesty dont know. I feel like i have a swollen tongue (edges...
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    Vitamin deficiency? Thyroid? or possible bulbar als?

    Hello , first of all i wish everyone immediate health. My name is Özgür and im from Turkey. I came here to get some answers and to be honest im a little bit concerned. İ dont want to annoy anyone but this country doesn't have so much knowledge about this disease (apparently me neither but still...