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    Jasmin Washlet Bidet for sale - SOLD

    We're located in Oregon and have a like new Jasmin Washlet Bidet S300 elongated model for sale. Features include: Convenient remote control -Adjustable, heated, SoftClose seat -Adjustable heated water tank -Adjustable rear and front washes -Adjustable Warm air dryer Paid @ $800.00 for it.
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    Sleeping med question

    Hi all- Mom just visited a pulmonologist who told her she needed to quit taking Ambien and Baclofen at night. She's got the start of problems with her lungs and they said that this would help delay the use of a bi-pap. This is quite upsetting to her as she doesn't feel she'll be able to sleep...
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    Need advice

    Hello all- As some of you may know, my mom (diagnosed Sept. 06) lives with me and my family for the time being. She's at the point where I need to get some equipment to make her life easier. Thanks to the great advice I've gotten from all of you I am working with the MDA to get her a...