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    Taste of chili

    Complete paralysis is no excuse to skip the ALS pepper challenge.
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    Mouse experiment

    Once upon a time there was a research institute that was trying to develop a fuel for automobiles. Because cars are expensive, the institute had found a shortcut: every potential fuel was first tested on mice, and only those that showed positive results on mice, were subsequently tested on...
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    Can't get the cuff tight

    Three months since tracheostomy and I have a constant problem with the cuff letting air past so that my throat is gurgling and the respirator beeping high mvi. The only way to make it tight is overinflation to the order of 50 mbar which is harmful to the tissue inside the trachea. I had the...
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    Too rough humor?

    I once had a caretaker with a similar sense of humor as myself. We wrote down a number of comic scripts from our daily mishaps. Last week we decided to take it a step further by having a couple of them drawn as comic strips. Here is the introductory strip as an example. Before we go any...
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    Newspaper story

    Third most read article on the nation's #1 news site yesterday: "nothing to complain about my quality of life".
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    Rack for Tobii EyeX and 12" tablet

    An untested prototype, but OpenSCAD files are included so you can modify it in any way you like: link
  7. Inventor

    No inner cannula in trache

    My trache was installed six weeks ago and changed four weeks ago. It is a soft seal cuff model that comes with an inner cannula. However, the inner cannula was not installed in the hospital nor was I given any instructions regarding it. Wondering if lack of an inner cannula might have some...
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    Mucus Separator for the cough assist device

    I got fed up with phlegm filling up the cough assist device tube. Link.
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    How soon after trache surgery can you use cough assist?

    The surgery was three days ago and now I am coming up with pneumonia. Before the surgery I consulted a doctor who specializes in breath paralysis patients and he did not see why the cough assist could not be used even right after the surgery. Unfortunately that doctor is out of town and the...
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    Clinical trial of a cocktail therapy

    I started work on a project proposal. Still in a very initial phase. Contributions welcome. No login needed for editing. Link..