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  1. wmilo

    Struggling with SSRI side effects

    This may be slightly off-topic and if so, please bear with me. It is a result of my diagnosis/symptoms, and I don't know of a more knowledgeable or supportive community to ask: I was diagnosed about 13 months ago, with lower extremity onset. I can still walk with difficulty, but see progressing...
  2. wmilo

    Recommendations/suggestions for a hospital bed?

    As the stairs become more difficult, I'm thinking about moving to a first floor bedroom. Any setup would require some expense (at least a new mattress, or an adjustable bed). During a couple of recent hospital stays I was impressed how comfortable the hospital beds were, and thought it made...
  3. wmilo

    Thanks, Moderators

    Just wanted to give a shoutout to the Mods on this forum - you do a great job. I recently saw a thread which looked like spam, and was wondering if there were some way to report it. Before I could even think much about it, one of the mods deleted it. So thanks to all of you for keeping the...
  4. wmilo

    Managing frequent nightime urination, esp. with BPH

    I would appreciate advice/counsel/wisdom regarding having to go two to four times per night. I'm still able to get myself to the bathroom but I'm concerned about managing it when it's time for a chair. I also have BPH (enlarged prostate) and that doesn't help. My urologist seems to be reluctant...
  5. wmilo

    New to the Forum

    Hi, Folks. My name is Bill; I'm a new PALS, diagnosed in October, 2017, and also new to the forum. As I looked at some of the threads, I was impressed by the courage and compassion of the members here and wanted to introduce myself to the group. My experience started with foot drop in the...