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  1. kljack16

    Recent diagnosis- Little son

    I’m so glad. You and your family will be grateful 😊. I was so happy to hear my husband’s voice again.
  2. kljack16

    Recent diagnosis- Little son

    I am so so sorry you are going through this. All the advice this site gives you, especially the folks that have been fighting this awful disease and supporting others on here with their knowledge and experience is invaluable. The only thing I would add - record your voice now. We waited a...
  3. kljack16

    Could there be a mistake in my DX?

    Hi Malori, I’m so sorry to welcome you to this site, but I will say it and its members have provided a lot of comfort and advice as my husband and I went on this journey with ALS. My husband’s first symptoms were severe shoulder/neck pain which progressed to weakness in his arm. I have 2...
  4. kljack16

    Hello everyone.

    Oh Mike - I am also so sorry to welcome you. I am a former CALS. This disease is awful, but the light in all of it is this forum and the people and support you will find. If you haven’t already, find an ALS Clinic near you and get on their rotation. They provide so much support and...
  5. kljack16

    Past CALS Rollcall

    I’m so sorry Robin. I’m glad for you that it wasn’t “as awful” as you feared, and I’m glad you have your family around you. I don’t know if we ever figure things out or understand why we are here instead of where we thought, planned, hoped, dreamed we would be. I guess we just have to keep...
  6. kljack16

    Past CALS Rollcall

    Thank you Mary2 💗 Love the riddle - Timothy would have enjoyed that too. I hope your trips go well and you enjoy Wicked. (I would “react” to your post with a like or love, but I don’t seem to have that option 😳).
  7. kljack16

    Son's reaction to diagnosis - advice please

    Hi - I hope your PALS was able to have that conversation with his son and that it helped. I will say, an 18 year old of any generation (male or female) tends towards self-obsessed and denial. He just wants to be a kid and an adult and live his life. I’m sure it’s more than overwhelming for...
  8. kljack16

    Past CALS Rollcall

    Thank you all for the sweet notes of encouragement. I hate that any of us are going through it, and sadly, I know exactly what you are feeling. Timothy loved to shop, especially grocery shopping followed by cooking some of the most amazing meals. I walked into one of his favorite grocery...
  9. kljack16

    Past CALS Rollcall

    Thank you so much for this thread!! Today is 5 months since my husband/PALS passed. It’s tormenting reliving those last 2 weeks, mainly because we had no idea it was his last 2 weeks. In fact, less than 2 days before he died, the doctor decided we needed to go to an LTAC, which is a place you...
  10. kljack16

    Go on, Be Brave

    Thank you so much for this. I just lost my husband after 2 1/2 years with this disease. I’m struggling so much with all the “what ifs” and “should haves,” but one of the things that hurts the most is seeing all the people who are living such a full life even with this disease. I question why...
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