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    Just a thought ........

    To those of you who are selling this used equipment. Most of us who have this equipment were fortunate to be able to afford it or our medical insurance was good enough to cover the cost or it was given to us (maybe not the automobiles). To all of you please, please consider giving it away. Pay...
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    AL and ALS Article and slide show

    GrampAl I read the article and watched your film God Bless you for always sharing........ I hope you enjoy this holiday season (and your grandbaby is as cute as a button) with your family Donna Caretaker of Ben New Jersey
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    Glimmer of hope

    Dear Pam, Hold on to hope, you did the right thing by diving into the treatment before everyone came up with "questions & concerns ". My Ben died 12/6/2006, he had ALS we knew in the end he had it because I fought tooth & nail for him to get the IVIG treatment. In the end we saw no improvement...
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    We need to band tighter together!

    To all the PALS & CALS & MND people in this forum, This is my wish for all of us..... We all come from all over the world but we need to knit a tighter stich we need to reach out to others in our area to help one another. I have found out that my dear Stephanie wife caretaker and the most...
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    Dick's passing

    Phyl, I am so sorry for your loss. May you find a inner peace in all this, it will come I will keep you in my prayers Donna
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    For those who lost a loved one.........

    Hello old friends.......I hope all are well. This thread is to help those who have lost a loved one, I have found that by helping another person (caretaker family member) with ALS and sharing my experience has help me allot. I lost my husband Ben Dec 6, 2006 to ALS over the last month I have...
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    how old

    Ben was first Dx June 2006 at the age of 65 second official Dx October 2006 died December 6, 2006. Now that was fast and cruel.... You never Know,
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    New member, love this forum

    Hello my name is Donna and welcome to the forum. I live in Barnegat, New Jersey and my husband had ALS. He lost his battle in December but I still come here to see how everyone is doing. This is the best place on the plant to receive real answers to the problems that ALS patients have. We...
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    ALS Awareness Day meet with the legislators in Trenton, N.J.

    Hello Bebee, Just dropped a quick note to Jenny waiting for a reply. Do my best to be there and share my story. Let me know if I can help call me. Donna:-D
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    I have a Patient with ALS - Question?

    Hello doc my name is Donna and I recently lost my husband to ALS. He had problems with C4, C3, & C2 all were laying on top of each other. Doctor said he needed an operation (lumbar fusion) but.... 9.5 hours on anesthesia (please excuse the spelling) caused the ALS to become full blow operation...
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