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    Question about bipap

    KM, Interesting, as though is seems many on this forum have undergone sleep studies for a bi-pap, my fathers neuro prescribed him a bi-pap with out a sleep study. He had all of his pulmonary capacity tests done, and informed the neuro that he could not sleep laying flat, and one was...
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    Dad has passed

    so sorry for the loss of your father. It is never easy, even when you know the suffering is gone. I lost my father 4 years ago, he was 63, and his progressed rapidly as well. 5 months after diagnosis.....
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    May I Ask How Each Of You Were Dx'ed?

    My father had difficulty buttoning a shirt in the summer of 2003. In the fall of 2003, he went to neurologist who did tests, thinking he might have had a stroke -which came back negative. He began slurring in the fall of 2003 after a few beers, and the slurring progressed to when he was tired...
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    Hubby's had a BIG set back

    You definitely need to get his primary als phys. involved. the hospitals do not have a clue on how to treat als patients. my father was in the hospital for 4 days (one month prior to diagnosis) and even the hospital neurologist did not have a clue what to do - although they may say that they...
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    Now what is going on with me?

    I agree with Cindy, the O2 is not good for als. the neurologist put my father on o2 prior to his clinic visit, and it almost killed him. to much oxygen going in and not enought co2 coming out. he passed out, we took him to er, etc. when we went to als specialist, we were told no 02.
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    need help

    I believe your son is very angry at this disease and how it is affecting his mother. he is not angry with his mother. I think you need to talk to him because if he leaves based on your ex husbands assumptions, he could experience tons of guilt/regret for not being there for you. He is probably...
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    What did everyone do for a living?

    my father was a computer systems analyst for the federal gov't.
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    AngelManFL / Don

    glad to hear your back Don. why do they want you to go to MN? have they given you any results of the tests they have already done? hang in there. i understand about needing to be there for your mother, but you do need to take care of you so you will be able to take care of her. kmgy
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    New baby girl....

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    New Lithium based therapy announced

    I really like Dr. Simmons. You are under great care. Did Dr. Simmons say he was going to continue to prescribe lithium? I went with my father to all his appointments with Dr. Simmons. Susan is wonderful too.:mrgreen:
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