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    Don't worry and be happy

    Hi Everyone, I would like to share my story and I hope this will help you feel better. I had a terrible pain on my right arm suddenly, from finger to arm, extremely painful. I ended up in a hospital and nothing found. A few days later that finger on my hand started to move, slow movements but...
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    Hand Palm

    Hi again, I admit that I got scared so bad for the last 365 days, scared like hell. Cannot even remember how many days I cried or unhappy sitting all day thinking and this brought me emotional trauma/damage, its obvious. Since I had my second EMG which was done after 1 year, I feel way better...
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    Hand Palm

    Hello, It has been 11,5 months since I have been feeling all strange symptoms and I did one more EMG with needle on with same doctor. You may see the doctor's resume below; Member of the Board of the Istanbul Branch of the Turkish EEG-EMG Association Major clinical interests: Clinical...
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    Hand Palm

    Hi Community, I would like to start with quick summary; April 2022: Felt heavy tingling on right arm and middle finger moving during the day, right hand. April 2022:1st Doctor Visit Result: low vitamin D and B12 May 2022: 2nd Doctor Visit Result: Neurology, all good with physical...