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    Question about patient lifts

    hello Jeanne, Nice to hear from some one who is in orangeco.Calif Do you go to UCI Clinic? We just purchased a lift a DIANa it is a sling type but it pivots. & is suitable for our small bathrooms' EM
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    Edna May

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    I almost Freaked!

    I almost freaked Zen that was good stuff worth a good chuckle & a smile . A while back I had a similar thing happen only I thought it was an earthquake ( I live in S. California) & my dogs name is Sandy. goes to show us, we all need to lighten up a bit. EM
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    back aches

    Back ache Strange you should ask. I am planning to ask the same question at my next clinic visit which is coming up in a week or two. & thanks hboytian for your in put. I have had the neck problem for many months & now the back pains . I would guess that it is related, it stand to reason if...
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    Thank you

    thank you Rae,I wish you all the very best during this difficult time. A big hug from. EM
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    Bad News

    Hi SharonI may God bless you & your family. You will be in my prayers & never under estimate the power of prayer. EM,
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    hello new member

    Nw member Sorry for your loss, but glad you found us. Welcome EM
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    Most twitches are benign...I can assure anyone

    ltr I feel for you,, a single mother trying to raise children is a difficult task at best of times . But trying to do it when you are feeling lousy, & worrying what will happen to them if you get worse. I can't begin to imagined how it must be . I am an old women & I have had a good life &...
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    I've lost him

    So very sorry for your time of grief, God Bless. EM
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    momma's gone

    So very sorry you & your Dad have lost Your Mum / wife, take comfort in the fact that she passed peacefully in her sleep in her home. God Bless you & your Family EM