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    Sleeping more deeply

    I have always been a light sleeper, I have always awakened at the slightest odd sound and tossed and turned a lot. I am up at 0315 every day for work and on my days off cannot sleep past the first hint of sunlight in the room. Now, I sleep in till 10 or 11 on days off, my wife or adult...
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    Pain in lower body

    Thank you. Never occurred to me to talk to Primary Care Doc, everything has been with Neuro for so long!
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    Pain in lower body

    I am operating under a "might be PLS but, is definitely a MND" diagnosis. This has been going on and progressing for 2 years. About 4 months ago I started having a burning, tingling sensation in my inner left thigh (90% of symptoms are in left leg) and the same area on the right but, to a...
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    Weird Symptoms please help

    For what it's worth, I drove myself crazy googling every little thing that happened to me. I probably still overdo it. I decided that living and loving my family was more important and also that researching things was not making anything better. I'm not saying accept what's happening, I'm too...
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    Tremor or clonus in a leg - ALS action or body reaction?

    I have been having this in my left leg for about two years. All my symptoms are on the left and PLS is my current diagnosis. It will happen every night for a couple weeks and then stop for a couple. Only at night and when I reposition myself. The shivering desorption is perfect, I hadn't thought...
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    Burning sensation

    So, my Neurologist said it's nothing to do with my ALS, I hope that was a slip since he had been saying PLS for months! I get to have another MRI because he thinks it's a spinal issue since one of my original MRI's showed a narrowing and impingement on the canal. I guess I'll wait and see...
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    Burning sensation

    Thank you for that. I work for the government and worry about random drug tests. I hear the CBD won't pop a positive but the THC will. I will look into it.
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    Burning sensation

    That's kind of funny. Two weeks ago I was at the ALS clinic and tried out the lift chair, I have been checking prices. I also started some specific stretches for hamstring, calves and hip flexor. I also just got a referral to a physical therapist that works with ALS/PLS, that's next Thursday...
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    Burning sensation

    For the last 4 days I have noticed a burning sensation in the inner thigh of my left leg, the one that is giving me the most symptoms. I feel it when I pull my leg up across the other one to put shoes on. It also has a prickly feeling and then goes away. What worries me is it's also happening in...
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    Diagnosed Tuesday

    Hi Kerivoo, I'm reading your comments and it is bringing back memories. My first symptoms were 2 years ago and started with falling at the start of a half marathon. Since then I have had a multitude of Doctors, diagnoses, MRI's, bloodwork, CT scans, Biopsies, etc. Mine started in my left leg...