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    Good and Bad News

    Hello everyone, As some of you read i was diagnosed with BFS two weeks ago at the ALS center located at UAMS in Little Rock AR. I saw Stacy A. Rudnicki, she is a very good neurologist and very professional, i would recommend her to anyone who is having problems who lives in the south. She...
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    ALS Clinic

    No ALS .. EMG was perfect was seen by one of the best I have BFS and I will leave it at that will post more later
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    ALS Clinic

    Hello everyone, i hope everything is going good for all of you. I just wanted to ask if you guys can keep me in your prayers, for i am visiting a ALS clinic for the first time tomorrow. I am so happy to hopefully figure what is finally going on! Some of you may remember me i have been trying to...
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    Does this sound like ALS? Is my life over?

    Nowhere in my most post did i mention it was a emotional problem, also please stop harassing me about a post i made.. i was only trying to help myself and others. If you disagree then ignore my post, thank you.
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    Does this sound like ALS? Is my life over?

    "I am a 20 year old male who has been diagnosed with Touette's syndrome, ADD, OCD, and health anxiety." Sometimes your answer is in your question.. What meds are you currently on?.. if you suffer from tourette's.. add and ocd i know they have you on medication. Gather that info and then do...
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    Hello everyone, I got my appointment with UAMS on 10/30/07.. it feels like such a long time away! My symptoms seem to be changing again :( The muscle twitches had stopped for a couple of weeks but, now they are back! After looking at some posts by other members i came across symptoms displayed...
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    In the dark

    Hello everyone.. Been having bad days here recently, not really with any neurological problems, but with life in general. I still have not heard from UAMS for my appointment and all of this anxiety is just eating away my brain. I start my senior year of college today and i should be happy but...
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    burning eyes/pressure headache

    I talked to a neurologist once due to migraines, he noted that most people that have sinus headaches are actually having migraines. He said that sinus headaches are rare and often misdiagnosed when its actually a migraine, However a important note.. if this starts bothering you more than 3 times...
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    i thought cramps are sharp pains that you haft to move to get to go away?
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    Can anyone tell me what a large muscle cramp feels like? Is it comparable to the pain like when your toe cramps up? or is it just a ache? My muscles in my arm ache constantly and wont go away most of the day.. it feels like a pulling sensation:cry: