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    Juvenile ALS

    Hey Sarah, If you like coffee, one of my dad's franchises is in the North Bend area I believe. It's called Dutch Bros. Coffee. You will have to give it a try and let me know what you think.
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    Juvenile ALS

    Hi Sarah, I'm from Oregon too. Where abouts are you from. My family lives in Southern Oregon, and my dad is the one in our fam who has ALS. It is a tough disease. Your husband is so young to be going through too as a caregiver. Anyways, sounds like we have some things in common...
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    losing my ability to!

    I would highly reccommend voice banking. I wish I could hear my dad say I love you again in his own voice. Sometimes I call his cell phone just to hear his voice on the message. He no longer uses the cell phone obviously, but we still have it and I occassionally give it a call. I also like...
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    Our coffee fund raiser has done so well!

    The name of my dad and uncle's business is Dutch Bros. Coffee. (they are dutch and brothers...go figure) Anyways, if you google Dutch Bros. a few different articles pop up about the fund raiser. Or, you can go to their web site to see the big ad they had in our local...
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    Our coffee fund raiser has done so well!

    My dad, who was diagnosed with bulbar ALS in 2005 and has been on a vent since 2006, and his brother started a coffee business 15 years ago. The business has done pretty well and they have franchised out and there are now 102 locations in WA, OR, CA, and AZ. On May 4th, they asked all of their...
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    News about Granny....

    I am so sorry to hear about Granny. She always had such great advice and input to share with others. Her faith was always very clear to everyone, and I know that she is looking down on your family from a much better place now. Dana
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    Advice on EMG Results and Symptoms

    Not only do you want to make sure your health insurance is all lined up, but you also want to make sure you have a life insurance policy too. It was too late for my dad to get a life insurance policy by the time he went on his vent. He could have, however, received one when there was just...
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    To tube, or not to tube (feeding tube pros and cons)

    Vents Hello Teej, My dad is on a trach/vent and has been since Feb of last year. There are some good things with the vent, and some difficult things. I'll start with the pros. For my dad it was great because he could actually breath again. He got color back in his face and his energy level...
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    More of my crazy ranting!

    Hi Sara, I am 9 months prego right now with my second child. My dad has ALS, and is the first in our family to have it. The thought has crossed my mind though about what if dad is the first in our family to start the familial ALS and I too am a carrier. I have wondered about if I am passing...
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    Anyone experience Dementia?

    It's interesting that you mentioned the navigation problems Teej. When my dad started having the "confusion," we noticed it mainly in his driving. He would run stop signs, pull out in front of people, and really made my mom nervous when she was in the car with him. That's how the dementia...